Keeping Students Healthy: Great Sites for School Nurses

School nursing is a great career choice for RNs who are interested not only in treating illness or injury, but in educating students about their health and the risks it may face throughout their lives. School nurses contribute a great deal to improving the health of communities overall, because students with healthy habits can influence their peers and families to be healthier as well. Most school nurses should have a bachelor’s degree and be licensed as registered nurses, as recommended by the National Association of School Nurses, but regulations vary from state to state.

The intent of this list is to provide a series of resources both for current school nurses, and for nurses who are interested in pursuing further education with school nursing in mind as a career goal. This list is not a ranking, but merely a recommendation of the following useful and informative sites on school nursing and closely related topics.

Professional Associations

Becoming a member of a state school nursing organization is one of the best ways for school nurses to build professional connections and find job prospects. Membership in a professional association for school nurses may also provide access to special conferences and educational meetings that can even be worth graduate school credit under some circumstances.

  1. National Association of School Nurses


    The National Association of School Nurses membership is a must for anyone who is a school nurse or training to enter that field. This organization is a staunch advocate for school nurses, providing publications, information, education, and news that nurses need in the school environment on a daily basis.

  2. National Board of Certification for School Nurses


    The National Certification Examination for School Nurses is offered two times every year, and this site is the go-to place for everything you need to know about that certification process. The Handbook for Candidates is a wealth of information, and the newsletter can keep you up to speed on any changes in the certification or recertification processes.

  3. International School Health Network


    The International School Health Network (ISHN) is an informal network of practitioners, government officials, and researchers who work together for health reform, with a special focus on the school and its social role. Although informal, this organization is recognized by the World Health Organization as well as other UN agencies.

  4. National Association of State School Nurse Consultants


    This organization works to provide up to date news, support, training, and policy for school nurses around the country. Members are school nurses who are looking to be a successful health care leader in their school district and promote health and learning in children.

  5. Michigan School Nurse Task Force


    The Michigan Department of Education offers a Michigan School Nurse Task Force that is intent on building a healthier nurse-to-student ratio within that state. You can get involved by helping the group increase awareness of this issue, find funding to build school nurse programs, or become part of a support system for school nurses statewide.

  6. AZ Department of Health Services Office for Children with Special Health Care Needs: School Nursing


    The Office for Children with Special Health Care Needs is a department within the Arizona Department of Health Services, and it is directed at school nurses. This educational resource offers Arizona school nurses with the tools to address and meet the needs of children and young adults who have special care needs, or physical, developmental, or chronic illnesses.

  7. Colorado Department of Education: School Nursing and Health


    This website offers a wide range of resources for those training in nursing and working as nurses in the education field. Resources include information about professional organization, legal information, and health conditions.

  8. Ohio Department of Health: School Nursing


    If you’re a school nurse in Ohio, check out the School Nursing Program offered by that state’s Department of Health if you haven’t already done so. This service offers assistance, consultations, resources, collaboration, and the facilitation of partnerships so that you’re not going it alone in an often stress-filled job.

  9. Virginia Association of School Nurses


    The Virginia Association of School Nurses offers Virginia’s school nurses support, leadership, partnership, and peer collaboration in a membership-based environment. Learn about your community resources, gain further education, and help others with your own knowledge through this group.

  10. Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction New School Nurse Training


    If you plan to be a school nurse in Wisconsin, you have extra support from the Wisconsin Department of Education. Their “New School Nurse Training” offers sessions to help the new school nurse make the transition to a school health atmosphere successfully, along with other resources you can tap into.

  11. Hawai‘i Health Data Warehouse


    Hawaii’s school nurses have a valuable resource in the Hawaii Health Data Warehouse. This site contains health reports and data, health issues specific to Hawaii, and resources to tap into that can make a school nurse’s job much easier.

  12. Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services: School Health


    The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services offer information for school nurses and families about school health. With the premise that healthy children are better learners, this page provides links to Missouri-based programs that can help any school child in this state.

  13. Vermont School Health


    Vermont offers a unique statewide and local health care effort through coordination, collaboration, and integration with school health programs and school nurses as well as with various state organizations. School nurses can tap into a variety of programs and resources to help build a safe and secure health agenda.

  14. Illinois School Nurse Help


    This site is a resource for school nurses in Illinois. It was developed to make important information accessible and all in one place for those studying and practicing nursing.

  15. Families Together: School Nurse


    Families Together, Inc. is a Kansas organization that works with parents and other significant others to serve families of children and youth with disabilities or special health care needs. They often address school nurses in their blog, and they also offer a variety of resources to help special-needs kids in school.

  16. Florida Public Health Association


    Florida Public Health Association offers a valuable resource for school nurses and school nurse students through their education opportunities, awards, and scholarships. Members can connect with other health specialists to build a network of resources, and can tap into discounts on educational offerings, too.

  17. Illinois State Board of Education: School Health Issues


    The Illinois State Board of Education tackles school health issues for school nurses in that state, offering a host of topics that can help any school nurse stay on top of state health and legal issues. Check in on a regular basis to learn about new offers and news.

  18. Central Ohio Association of School Nurses


    The Central Ohio Association of School Nurses (COASN) works to promote health and educational objectives of the local school system as well as protect the welfare and advance the interests of its members. Members can enjoy networking at a local level within an organization that is connected at the national level to the National Association of School Nurses.

  19. American School Health Association


    The American School Health Association is a nationwide organization that promotes the health of this country’s youth and also supports and advocates for school health professionals. Membership in this group is offered to students, professionals, and a reduced rate for “new professionals” in the field.

  20. Overseas School Health Nurses Association


    This professional organization supports nurses working overseas and outside of the continental US. Membership offers nurses networking opportunities, leadership development and other practical resources.

  21. Oregon Department of Education: School Nurses


    This section of the Department of Education in Oregon site is a health related and school nurse oriented site for students, parents of students, and school staff. The site includes up to date resources for health assessments, hearing screenings, legal immunizations, and more state health information.

  22. Illinois Association of School Nurses


    The Illinois Association of School Nurses is the only state organization focused specifically on this state’s school nurses, providing support and advocacy for their members. Get engaged with your peers, attend conferences, and tap into hundreds of resources designed for members of this association.

  23. Michigan Association of School Nurses


    The Michigan Association of School Nurses (MASN) is a proactive organization focused on children’s health, well-being, academic success, and life-long achievement. This organization also serves as the state’s school nurse advocate, offering a mentor program, job postings, and training.

  24. Maine Association of School Nurses


    The Maine Association of School Nurses is a member organization affiliated with the National Association of School Nurses. Although nonmembers can read information, news, updates, and resources, membership provides help with practice issues, continuing education, networking opportunities, and mentorship.

  25. New York State Association of School Nurses


    Membership in the New York State Association of School Nurses provides school nurses in Maine with advocacy at the state and national levels and with access to events and continuing education. The sole purpose of this organization is to advance the practice of school nursing and enhance the educational success of students by promoting quality health services.

  26. Wisconsin Association of School Nurses


    If you’re a school nurse or plan to be a school nurse in Wisconsin, you might want to check out the resources offered by the Wisconsin Association of School Nurses. This is the place you can use to engage with other school nurses and learn about all the news and information you need to create a great school health program.

  27. Florida Association of School Nurses


    The Florida Association of School Nurses (FASN) advocates for their school nurses statewide. Become a member so you can take advantage of personal and professional benefits, continuing education, news, and publications today.

  28. Indiana Association of School Nurses


    Indiana’s Association of School Nurses is all about “A+ School Nursing,” and they are the only organization in this state that exists solely for school nurses. Membership in this organization can provide Indiana’s school nurses with resources, networking, advocacy, and conferences.

  29. Ohio Association of School Nurses


    The Ohio Association of School Nurses actively promotes wellness among this state’s school children and their communities through various efforts. Membership in this organization offers outstanding peer networking, advocacy at the state and national levels, and continuing education.

  30. Kentucky School Nurses Association


    This nursing association exists to help nurses provide the best health care for patients. Their primary functions are to develop a code of ethical conduct for school nurses, to represent school nurses and to serve as their representative with professional groups, and with governments, communities, and with the public.

  31. New Mexico School Health Manual


    New Mexico’s school nurses can benefit from this manual, which provides an invaluable coordinated state school health program supported by guidelines. Learn more about how this program works, including details such as medications in schools, emergency services, dental health, and students with special needs.

  32. Montana Asthma Control Program: School Nurse Mini-Grants


    Montana’s Asthma Control Program offers school nurse mini-grants to help school health workers to create more asthma-friendly schools. These grants provide information for school-based asthma management and training for RNs, LPNs, and NPs who work for school districts throughout the state.

  33. The South Carolina Nurses Foundation, Inc.


    SCNF, founded in 1974, works to promote the advancement of nursing through awards, grants, and scholarships, which can greatly benefit any school nurse student. This foundation is affiliated with the South Carolina Nurses Association (SCNA), as SCNA Board Directors constitute the membership of this foundation along with members of the SCNF Board of Trustees.

  34. Delaware Preparedness School Nurses


    The State of Delaware’s Preparedness program provides a page specifically for school nurses, along with links to relevant safety organizations. Outside this page, the Delaware Preparedness site also offers information about how to handle situations where children are confronted by disasters.

  35. Indiana Department of Education: School Health Services


    The Indiana Department of Education supports school health services through resources for school nurses. Their lists include laws, rules, and regulations for student health as well as links for student services such as bullying prevention and school crisis planning.

  36. Loyola Medicine: Guidelines for Nurses in the School Setting


    Loyola Medicine and the Illinois Department of Public Health offers guidelines for the school nurse in emergency medical service situations. This manual stresses that the most successful emergency programs come with prior knowledge of students’ health needs and education with staff, faculty, and family members.

  37. New York Statewide School Health Services Center School Nurse Kit


    Possibly the most comprehensive guide and school nurse tool kit online today, the New York Statewide School Health Services Center offers a fact-filled and useful guide for any school nurse. The New York school nurse can take advantage of state-specific tools, as well as resources that are gathered in one easy and convenient spot.

  38. Alaska Department of Health and Social Services School Nursing/School Health Program


    This nursing program helps students to understand the state wide standards of nursing. Focusing on policy, technical assistance, and professional education, this program helps students to become excellent nurses.

  39. Children’s National Medical Center: Children’s School Services School Health Nursing Program


    Based out of DC, this organization is dedicated to putting the needs of children first and empowering those in positions of caring for them. They are a leader in deciding best practices as well as implementing high quality, lost cost, and efficient school health nursing services for students and their families.

  40. State School Healthy Policy Database


    This site shows each state’s guidelines for becoming a certified school nurse. Nursing students can examine the requirements for each statement including degree needed, certificates required, and any coursework that must be completed.

  41. Utah Department of Health: School Nurse


    For school nurses in Utah, this site helps nurses thrive in many of their daily duties. With information on health education, nutritional services, counseling, staff wellness, and community involvement, nurses can feel like they have continued access to information to succeed in their health care responsibilities.

  42. California Department of Education Health Services & School Nursing


    This site provides every guideline and requirement every school nurse in California needs. From assessments to managing asthma and diabetes, this one stop list is a great resource for school nurses practicing anywhere in California.

  43. School-Based Health Alliance


    The School Based Health Alliance is a movement working to health schools offer comprehensive healthcare to students. They are a strong political force working to change healthcare from the inside out and provide schools with the information and resources they need.

  44. The Center for Health and Health Care in Schools


    Health in Schools works to promote better health and academic outcomes in schools. Their expertise helps build policy and supply services to school children and empower health care workers to effectively run programs.

  45. Oregon School-Based Health Care Network


    This Oregon network

  46. Massachusetts School Nurse Organization


    MSNO sees the needs of the school nurses as varied and complicated. Their membership benefits, like journals, newsletters, discounts on supplies, discounts on conferences, and representation at state and national levels, helps meet many of these needs and create successful nurses.

  47. Oregon School Nurse Association


    The Oregon School Nurses Association helps to develop great school nurses who can support health and wellness in the schools they work in. the OSNA is made up of expert nurses who provide support, expertise, and leadership to the school nurses who are members of the association and the organization works with them to offer jobs, networking, continued education, training, and conferences.

  48. Delaware School Nurse Association


    The DSNA showcases the best information in nursing available for nurses in Delaware. It also highlights the best school nurses in the state – nurses who take excellent care of their students, care about health education, and are leaders in school nursing.

  49. Pennsylvania Association of School Nurses and Practitioners


    The organization is the professional association for school nurses in Pennsylvania. It offers information on upcoming educational conferences, new healthcare legislation, immunizations, and more.

  50. Colorado Association of School Nurses


    The Colorado Association of School Nurses works with nurses in schools to help them make a difference in the lives of students. They help school nurses to understand their role by providing them with the tools to empower themselves in their position, connect with, and treat students.

  51. Kansas School Nurse Organization


    The KSNO recognizes the specialized practice of school nursing and all that it tries to accomplish. The organization tries to bring nurses across the state under the same goal of providing excellent care for students through assessment, prevention education, early intervention, case management, and collaboration.

  52. Tennessee Association of School Nurses


    School nurses in Tennessee have an excellent resource in this site. Not only can nurses find resources for continued training and networking, they also have access to resources from conferences and new health care laws and legislation.

  53. School Nurse Organization of Minnesota


    This school nurse organization offers workshops, online education, conferences and other resources to support excellence in school nursing. Their long history has created leaders in nursing who are able to help children grow, be healthy, and succeed.

  54. ESD 105 School Nurse Corps


    This program’s priority is to help service school districts who have no access to a school nurse. They work to implement health education, consultations, and collect data on the conditions and complaints of kids they see on a rotating basis.

  55. Minnesota School Nursing Toolkit


    This Minnesota specific resource helps school nurses find guidelines and standards in their area. They can also access other resources on topics like special needs children, asthma, physical activity, and violence.

  56. Healthology


    A great resource for school health providers, this site focuses on things like health education, physical education, nutrition, and social services education all to help provide comprehensive health care and a great school environment. It is a great, organized resource for school nurses looking for information or education materials.

  57. Arizona School Nurse Consortium


    Nurses can visit this site to find school nurse positions, read a current newsletter about school nursing in Arizona, check the latest guidelines and policies, and read up on health care research in various publications.

  58. Connecticut School Nurse Information Resources


    A straightforward news and policy site for school nurses in Connecticut. Nurses can find reports and research on prescription drugs, legislation relating to school health, federal government news, and more.

  59. Student Support Services Project: School Nursing


    This Florida based organization shares all school nursing associations and conferences available for school nurses. School nurses can find conferences into their area, as well as check credentials and see association member benefits.

  60. Northeastern University School Health Resources


    A great list of materials for school nurses, including emergency response policies and screening materials. Nurses can also find education materials, nutritional resources, and other health guides. Additionally, they offer about 30 continuing education programs that are great for any school nurse interested in learning more about diabetes, asthma, grant writing, and more.

  61. Healthy Futures


    Healthy Futures encourages students and teachers to celebrate an active lifestyle as part of a healthy future. Working together with teachers, students are motivated to try new activities, see exercise and physical activity as fun and see how movement and fitness fit into their life and health.

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    School Nurse & Health Blogs

    Life as a school nurse can be simultaneously rewarding and stressful, and some school nurses have taken to blogging about their experiences for the information and entertainment of anyone who cares to read, especially fellow school nurses.

  63. Provo School Nurses


    If you’re studying to become a school nurse, you might want to follow this blog to learn more about how the school nurses in Provo manage their positions. These women offer some great ideas, programs, and resources that Utah nurses might use, but that also could serve as an example for other school nurse programs.

  64. Diary of a School Nurse


    Feel free to share your school nurse stories and experiences with this BSN school nurse author who went on to earn her MA Ed degree. This blog author is a staunch advocate for the National Association of School Nurses, and she’s not shy about sharing her pride in her career.

  65. School Health Blog


    This school health blog is a great all access point for anyone working as a school health administrator. School nurses can find information about every hot topic, from pharmacy supplies to being prepared in an emergency to infection control.

  66. School Nurse Supply


    School Nurse Supply offers essential supplies and tools to school nurses at a great price. Their blog offers information about blood pressure, BMI, lice and other issues.

  67. School Kids Healthcare Blog


    SKHC works to provide school nurses and parents with the latest information in health education and school nursing. Here they provide information on school nurse supplies, health education products, and product recalls.

  68. Tales of a School Zoned Nurse


    This blog is the personal blog of a school nurse, sharing her daily work life. Her chronicles cover her days as school nurse in an elementary and middle school, helping students with broken bones, diabetes, lice, and more.

  69. From the desk of Nurse Donna ….


    On her blog, Nurse Donna mixes practical advice for parents, tips for other nurses, and daily stories. Her expertise can help both parents when sending their kids to school and also in supporting other school nurses.

    • More About School Health: Pinkeye
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    Overall School Health

    School health has become a major topic of discussion in recent years, as controversies about the health of school lunches and vending machines have hit newsstands nationwide, and questions of what to teach schoolkids in sex education classes have caused heated debate. A school nurse’s job can be profoundly affected by the choices of the school administration as a whole, and participating in the overall school health discussion is one way for school nurses to put their expertise to work to benefit kids and families.

  71. Healthy Schools Campaign


    The Healthy Schools Campaign is a nonprofit organization effort to teach and empower advocates for children to have great health and healthy environments for learning. Founded in 2002, this organization recognizes school nurses as key leaders in this movement, and they want to recognize you for your efforts.

  72. University of Tennessee: HPV Toolkit: School Nurses & Youth Educators


    The University of Tennessee offers a resource for school nurses nationwide concerning Human Papillomavirus (HPV). The HPV toolkit for school nurses and youth educators offers basic information about the disease, teaching tools, school nurse resources, and much more information.

  73. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Vaccine Education Center


    The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia offers a great resource for those who need information about vaccines. Their site offers a wide variety information about specific vaccinations, research, and schedules.

  74. Joslin Diabetes Center: For School Nurses


    The Joslin Diabetes Center offers great resources for any school nurse, providing tools to ensure that diabetic children are safe and supported while at school. This is a page worth bookmarking to refer to time and again when you need information about diabetic students and your role in their health.

  75. Child Trends Databank


    This database tracks children’s health trends and makes them available to health professionals. These indicators are helpful in guiding researchers, policy makers, and healthcare workers.

  76. American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and STrabismus Resources for School Nurses


    AAPOS has partnered with the NASN (National Association of School Nurses) to create resources for school vision screening and to impart information about children’s common eye diseases. School nurses can tap into the Vision Screening Tutorial or download a presentation about these important vision issues.

  77. Facts&Comparisons & Lexicomp


    Facts & Comparisons & Lexicomp are two interactive tools offered by Wolters Kluwer that provide current drug information in various easily searchable formats to assist with comparing prescription drugs, drug interaction screening, drug identification, patient counseling, patient education, Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS), patient assistance program information and much more. Further information and free trials can be found at their website.

  78. School Nurse News


    School Nurse News Online is an independent publication developed specifically to meet school nurse needs. Each issue offers information that can be used in the school healthcare profession, including disease and CDC updates, resources, tools, and a chance to earn free continuing education credit.

  79. National Inhalant Prevention Coalition


    The National Inhalant Prevention Coalition provides an education that few other sites can offer…news, updates, and information about inhalants in both English and Spanish. School nurses can use this information to help protect their school populations from inhalant abuse.

  80. Diseases Database


    The Diseases Database offers tons of medical lists and links to help you in your studies or in your role as a school nurse. You can find a cross-referenced index of human diseases, medications, symptoms, investigations, and more in an easy-to-use medical textbook-like index.

  81. Online Orientation for School Nurses


    The State of Virginia’s Department of Education offers a useful online orientation for school nurses. This set of videos portray School Health Consultants provide information necessary for the successful transition of nurses into the school nursing career.

  82. AllergyHome: School Nurse Resources


    This site offers the complete resource any school nurse might need to deal with food allergies in the school environment. Learn from slide sets, web resources, and tools that school nurses can use to help educate school faculty and staff.

  83. Professional Software for Nurses, Inc.


    SNAP Health Center offers software for school health nurses that can track and manage every aspect of student health. This user-friendly software can help nurses track student health history, including immunization status, current medications, and screening progress.

  84. Epilepsy Foundation: School Nurse Program


    This special section of the Epilepsy Foundation website is dedicated to helping school nurses manage and support students with seizures and epilepsy. The resources and materials – books, manuals, action plans, and more – here can help both students and nurses.

  85. NEA Health Information Network


    This site is a great source for information about everything a school nurse might encounter – allergies, diabetes, hunger. This site helps to prepare nurses, give them guidelines, and the latest policies.

  86. My Healthy School


    My Healthy School has great articles for school nurses and families alike. In a collaborative effort, they bring together resources for teachers, parents, and administrators to make the very most of health and education – articles about healthy lunches, eco class supplies, allergies, and so much more are available for free.

  87. eSchoolCare


    eSchoolCare was created by healthcare experts to provide school nurses and healthcare providers with information about chronicles health conditions like asthma, allergies, mental health conditions, and diabetes that school nurses are seeing in schools more and more. Users can stay up to date through care forms, training videos and other support materials, staying confident and capable in their jobs.

  88. School Nurse


    This school nurse website offers a wealth of resources, articles, education, and training. Users can find webcasts, DVD training, and a research library on any topic from sleep disorders to seizures to bullying.

  89. EPA Healthy School Environments


    This government website helps support health environments in schools. School nurses can find health guidelines, healthy resource toolkits, and other research on school health.

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    General Resources

    There are countless sites on school health, student health, and school nursing that can be useful to just about anyone in the nursing profession, and here are a few of the best of them.


    PediatricEducationorg is a pediatric digital library and learning resource focused on children’s physical issues. Learn about case studies categorized by age, specialty, symptom, date, and disease, and make use of this site’s amazing reference library.

  92. Medzilla


    Medzilla is a great tool to learn about jobs in healthcare, including careers as a school nurse. Use this comprehensive job-search site to post your resume, to learn about featured jobs, and to compare job listings – all without charge!

  93. School Spring School Nurse Jobs


    SchoolSpring is a great place to find school nurse jobs throughout the country, including full-time, substitute, and part-time positions. Check back often to learn about new daily listings, along with detailed information about each job and the employer.

  94. Diabetes Resources for Schools and Youth


    This extensive diabetes research and resource website is a great resource for school nurses and all health care professionals. There are publications available with the latest studies, treatment plans for kids and teens with diabetes, educational tools for students on how to lower your risk for diabetes, and ways for nurses and teachers to monitor the signs and symptoms.

  95. QuickMedical School Nurses Office


    This site is a fantastic resource for those working in school and medical offices looking to order supplies. Their medical supply catalog includes everything from the school nurses office to emergency medical supplies.

    • More About School Health:
  96. Nurse’s PDR Drug Handbook


    As a large part of a school nurse’s responsibility is making sure that students on prescription medication get the correct dosage at the correct time, this book and corresponding website are an invaluable resource. There is plenty of information on usage, treatment, and side effects for 800 medications.

  97. Medco School First Aid


    Medco is a great online catalog for medical supplies at great prices. School nurses can find any supplies they need by category.

  98. MacGill Discount School Nurse Supplies


    MacGill is a quality supplier of school nurse products. Schools can find items from nutritional products to linens to emergency products to education materials all with quantity discounts.

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