Rehabilitation Nurse – Career and Education Profile

Rehabilitation nurses with with patients on a long-term care basis, helping to provide the best quality of life possible, even if they’ve been injured or suffer from a long-term disease.

Job Responsibilities

As a rehabilitation nurse, your responsibilities will depend on the patient you’re working with. Typically, rehabilitation nurses work with the same patients over a very long period of time. You’ll work with a doctor or team of doctors to develop a long-term plan of treatment for your patients, and could also face tasks such as educating the patient and his or her family about home care, helping patients with feed and hygiene, tracking progress, and helping a patient prepare for therapy. You could work at a hospital, nursing home, long-term care facility, private practice, or a number of other types of medical facilities. Many rehabilitation nurses also work on the road as home health care nurses, which allows patients to receive care without leaving the home.

Salary and Career Options

According to reports, rehabilitation nurses command a salary that hovers around $60,000 annually. Because this is a field so closely related to other types of nursing, you could become a rehabilitation nurse after gaining experience in a related area or you could take your experience as rehabilitation nurse to another kind of medicine, such as pain management, geriatrics, or developmental disorders. If you get advanced training in this field, you could make $75,000 annually – or even more.

Educational Requirements

You can get started working as an LPN in rehabilitation nursing, but to make more money and open more career doors, you should also consider earning either an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree in nursing to become an RN. Additionally, once you have at least two year of experience as a rehabilitation RN, you can take the Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse exam for certification in this field.

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