Pediatric Nurse Practitioner – Career and Education Profile

Pediatric nurse practitioners perform advanced nursing skills while working with children who are ill or injured and their families.

Job Responsibilities

Nurse practitioners have advanced education, which allows them to take on duties above and beyond what you’d expect from a registered nurse. In many states, nurse practitioners are allowed to prescribe medication, assess patients and develop treatment plans without consulting a doctor, and more. You may also do general nursing tasks such as checking vital signs, communicating with the patient’s family, and recording patient history. Pediatric nurse practitioners work specifically with children, which presents a number of challenges since their bodies are smaller and still developing. As a licensed nurse practitioner, you can also work in a leadership position in the nursing world, serving as a manager or administrator.

Salary and Career Options

According to, pediatric nurse practitioners make an average of $76,778 annually. Before becoming a nurse practitioner in this field, many nurses work as pediatric RNs or work in another specialty, such as surgical or oncology, but specialize in pediatrics. As a pediatric nurse practitioner, you also have the option of working in an education or research role, though these roles typically require additional education.

Educational Requirements

To become a pediatric nurse practitioner, you must first earn a bachelor of science in nursing, or BSN, which you can do through a general BSN program or through an LPN-to-BSN program if you are already working as a nurse. after you’re licensed as an RN with a BSN, you can become an advanced practice nurse by earning a master of science in nursing and specializing in pediatrics. Your classes will cover both general nursing skills and skills specific to pediatric care. In addition to earning a nursing license, you can also seek pediatrics certification through organizations like the Society of Pediatric Nurses.

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