Nursing Informatics Consultant – Career and Education Profile

In the field of nursing informatics, you’ll work with medical data, which is important to ensure that doctors and nursing teams provide the best care possible.

Job Responsibilities

As a nurse informatics consultant, you’ll work with computers and networks to help medical care facilities deal with the flow of data. You could complete tasks such as data entry and records recording, system implementation, tool application, and more. In nursing informatics, you could also work in an administrative assistant position, filing and retrieving data as doctors need it. The entire goal of the work you do in health informatics, regardless of your specific tasks, is to get information to the right people as quickly as possible with as few mistakes as possible. In a medical setting, even a small mistake can lead to a very dangerous situation, and doctors that don’t get the information they need quickly enough may not make the best decisions for care when their patients need it most.

Salary and Career Options

According to salary reports, nursing informatics consultants make an average of $59,000 annually, though some report that you can make $90,000 a year or even more in this field. As a consultant in this field, you can work for a single employer to do the tasks listed above, or you can be a freelance consultant of sorts, working under contract and moving from company to company to help optimize informatics systems.

Educational Requirements

Nursing informatics consultants often work in computer sciences or Internet technology outside of the health field first, or work in other areas of nursing and go back to school to take health informatics classes. The American Nurses Credentialing Center offers certification for nurses working in informatics, though this is not necessarily needed to work in the field if you are a licensed RN with a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

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