Nurse Practitioner / FNP – Career and Education Profile

Nurse practitioners work in leadership roles in clinical settings, offering high-level care for patients. You’ll work under the supervision of a physician, but most of the time, you’ll work independently.

Job Responsibilities

Nurse practitioners do many of the same tasks as RNs and even LPNs, but your advanced education will allow you specialize your education to work with a certain type of patient or in a specific medical setting. The most popular option is become a family nurse practitioner, a role that you can take if you want to help patients from all walks of life. You’ll serve as the primary caregiver, offering medical care such as annual physicals, basic first aid, prescription administration, nutrition planning, vaccination, and more. IN many states, nurse practitioners can open practices without the direct involvement of a physician, where you’ll handle most cases and refer patients who need advanced care to specialists.

Salary and Career Options

According to, nurse practitioners generally earn between $69,754 and $91,823 annually, but a number of factors can effect the salary your offered. If you open your own practice, the sky is the limit in terms of what you can earn. Becoming a family nurse practitioner is also not your only choice. You can also specialize in a different area of nursing, such as critical care, geriatrics, or trauma/emergency care. Many nurse practitioners start as an RN working in one of these specialties and go back to school to become a family nurse practitioner so they qualify for leadership positions.

Educational Requirements

As of right now, you meed a master’s degree to become a nurse practitioner, but in the future, you’ll actually need a doctorate to work in this role. Your educational program will include advanced nursing classes that also focus on management and administration, and after graduation, you’ll go through a state certification process, which entails gaining experience and passing a nursing test, before working as a nurse practitioner.

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