HIV / AIDS Nurse – Career and Education Profile

HIV/AIDS nurses work with patients dealing with or at risk for developing this medical condition, which is deadly if not treated, but can be effectively managed with proper care.

Job Responsibilities

AIDS is a deadly, incurable disease that patients contract from HIV, a virus that you can get from swapping bodily fluids with someone else who has AIDS or HIV. As a nurse working in this field, you’ll work with patients to deal with this medical condition, which can include everything from teaching families how to prevent the spread of AIDS to helping patients deal with the emotional stress of contracting this disease. Your nursing tasks could also include more general nursing tasks such as recording vital signs and administering medicine, all while being careful not to come into contact with a patient’s bodily fluids, as HIV/AIDS is highly contagious. Some HIV/AIDS nurses work in education and prevention as well, and you can also work in a research setting to search for advanced treatment and a cure for this condition.

Salary and Career Options

A number of factors can expect the salary you’ll receive as an HIV/AIDS nurse. According to reports, you can expect to earn around $50,000 annually in this field, though HIV/AIDS nurses who have advanced education through bachelor’s degree or master’s degree programs. You can also work as a travel nurse in this field, which is an especially quick-growing field as the population with HIV or AIDS in third-world countries is extremely high.

Educational Requirements

You can get started working as a nurse by becoming an LPN, but if you want to specialize in HIV/AIDS nursing, you should consider getting an advanced degree. Your classes will focus both on general nursing tasks and on skills relating to HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention. Your education will also include clinical work so you get hands-on training in this field.

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