Flight/Transport Nurse – Career and Education Profile

Flight/transport nurses work with patients who haven’t yet reached a stable care facility or who can’t make it to one of these locations for some reason. This is a high-stress and fast-paced nursing job where you’ll work closely with a team of nurses and doctors to provide care.

Job Responsibilities

As a flight/transport nurse, you’ll work in the field, instead of in a traditional hospital, clinic, or other type of medical facility. Your tasks will change from situation to situation but could include everything from assisting doctors transporting a patient in serious condition to working on the scene of an accident to rescuing stranded patients. In these types of situations, triage is important, and you’ll need to follow directions carefully as you’re assisting doctors and do what you can to help patients deal with pain and keep patients alive until they can reach a hospital. Your job may also require you to communication with family members so they are informed as to what is happening to an injured or ill loved one, or you could serve as a liaison between the transport team and the doctors and nurses waiting at the hospital.

Salary and Career Options

Because you’ll be working in a stressful situation and often tasked with making life and death decisions, few LPNs are hired as transport nurses. As an RN or advanced practice nurse in the flight/transport field, you can expect to make between $60,000 and $75,000 annually, depending on your educational level, experience, and location.

Educational Requirements

You need at least an associate’s degree to work as an RN, but many facilities prefer flight/transport nurses to have a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree, with education specific to the trauma, emergency, and transport fields. Once you have experience in this field you can take the Certified Flight Registered Nurses exam, and some flight/transport nurses opt to get certified as an EMT.

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