Diabetes Management Nurse – Career and Education Profile

With the number of diabetes patients in the United States growing daily, diabetes management nurses are in high demand. In this role, you’ll help patients make positive lifestyle changes to cope with the disease.

Job Responsibilities

Diabetes is a condition that affects the way your body produces and uses insulin. As a diabetes management nurse, you’ll deal with patients who have Type I and Type II diabetes, both of which can mean huge changes in what the patients eats as well as huge changes in other parts of life. Your role could include educating patients and their families about this disease and its risks, monitoring blood sugar, developing nutritional plans with patients, and more. Depending on your level of education, your employer, and the state where you live, you could also administer or even prescribe medications to aid with patients’ diabetes management.

Salary and Career Options

As a diabetes management nurse, your salary will be linked to a number of factors, such as level of education, location, type of employer, certification status, and more. This is a career area that is growing rapidly, so you can expect to see higher and higher average salary amounts for diabetes management nurses in the coming years. Right now, diabetes management nurses make an average of $53,000 annually at the RN level, but you can also explore advanced practice nursing options, which allows you to become not only a practitioner, but also an educator, research, consultant, or manager.

Educational Requirements

You can start working as a diabetes management nurse by becoming an LPN, but you’ll make more money and open more career doors if you get an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree so you qualify for an RN license. While all nurses can work in the diabetes management field, you can take specialized classes covering things like the endocrine system and nutrition. If you go on to get your master’s degree, you can also take the Advanced Diabetes Management Certification exam.

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