Certified Nurse Midwife – Career and Education Profile

Certified nurse midwife is one of the four choices you have for specialization if you want to become an advanced practice nurse. In this specialty, you’ll work with expecting parents and newborns to provide care.

Job Responsibilities

As a certified nurse midwife, you could work performing a number of tasks, including assisting with gynecological exams, family planning, pregnancy health management, birth planning, the delivery process, and newborn evaluation. In many states, you can work independently, so you don’t need a physician to open a midwife practice, but this is not true in every location. You’ll also likely be tasked with a number of more general tasks not related to pregnancy, such as recording a patient’s history, and you may help to manage other diseases or injuries in conjunction with pregnancy to ensure that both mother and baby are safe.

Salary and Career Options

With a certified nurse midwife license, you can choose to work in a more traditional hospital setting, or you can work in a clinical or even home birth setting to help patients delivery their babies. On average, certified nurse midwifes make around $91,000 annually, but it depends on your employer and location.

Educational Requirements

To become a certified nurse midwife, you must earn a master’s degree in the field from an accredited school. After first becoming an RN, you’ll go through a RN-to-MSN or regular MSN program to learn more about women’s health and pregnancy, and upon graduating and completing clinical hours, you can take the certification exam to be licensed by your state. Because you have an advanced degree, you could also choose to work in an education, administration, or research role in this field, though this may require you to earn a doctorate.

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