Leading Nursing Internship & Residency Sites

Getting practical, on-the-job experience is a crucial part of the beginning of any nursing career, and securing an internship or residency at a major hospital or medical center is one surefire way to do it. Though internship and residency have very specific and different meanings for medical students, the terms are nearly interchangeable in the context of nursing. Many hospitals offer a nursing internship, residency, or even externship for students who have just graduated or will soon graduate from a degree program, as a way of helping those students gain the professional experience they need to start a successful career in nursing. Getting a nursing internship not only provides hands-on experience, but is also a good way to get:

  • Professional Networking Opportunities
  • Personal and Professional References for Future Job Applications
  • Niche Expertise and Specialized Training

The sites here aren’t listed in order based on quality or reputation, because all of them represent some of the best nursing internship opportunities available. There are many other ways that nurses in different locations and specialties can get early career experience once they know what to look for.


  1. Mayo Clinic Nurse Residency Program Overview (Arizona)


    The nursing intern position at Mayo Clinic is a fulltime, one year position. Here, nurses are trained in a comprehensive manner to excel in the profession of nursing.

  2. Johns Hopkins Graduate Nurse Residency Program

    Johns Hopkins at Bayview transitions new nurses into practicing RNs in three phases. The first focuses on classroom training, the second on clinical and one on one interactions, and the third on specialty training covering specific topics.

  3. NYU Langone Medical Center Nurse Residency Program for New Graduates


    The NYU Langone residency for new nursing graduates helps offer additional clinical and educational support for nurses after graduation. Through establishing relationships with mentoring nurses and working with patients, nurses are able to further develop their abilities and approach their careers with confidence.

  4. Atlantic Health System Hire Learning Program


    Atlantic Health takes newly graduated nurses and trains them for a year, focusing on giving them the tools to deliver exceptional health care. Their comprehensive orientation includes training with experts while working with patients and observing other nurses working.

  5. U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps Internship/Externship Program


    U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps is an accredited program that prepares nurses for a variety of areas and helps get them antiquated with what to expect as a full-fledged nurse.

  6. Denver Health New Graduate Nurse Residency Program


    Talented new nursing grads with no previous RN experience can thrive at Denver Health. Their new graduate nursing residency program is a mix of hands-on education, peer support, mentorship, and evidence based research, leading nurses to success in their professional careers.

  7. Saint Joseph’s Hospital Nurse Internships


    Saint Joseph’s Hospital Nurse Internships underline the best approach to becoming a fully accredited nurse in the state of Georgia and what to expect from not only their nursing program, but programs in general after school is completed.

  8. Hawaii State Center for Nursing Hawaii Nurse Internship Program


    The Hawaii Nurse Internship Program is an intense program for recently graduated nurses. Graduates intern for 12 weeks, where they continue their education in a hands-on, supportive, and innovative atmosphere.

  9. Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital RN Residency Home


    This 16-week long RN residency qualifies newly graduated nurses to work as fulltime staff nurses. The program is comprised of classroom and lab work, clinical experiences, and mentoring from experienced RNs.

  10. Sacred Heart Hospital Student Nurse/Intern Program


    Student nurses who take part in this program work and learn at Sacred Heart for eight weeks and earn 32 paid hours each week. Will multiple learning opportunities, their skills will be honed even further after graduation.

  11. Oklahoma State University Medical Center Clinical Enrichment (Nurse Externship) Program


    The Clinical Enrichment Nurse Externship program at OUS is dedicated to helping student nurses make their transition into their professional life. This ten week program helps new nurses earn money and confidence in their skills as they practice them in new clinical situations.

  12. The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Nursing Student Extern Program


    The Nursing Student Extern program allows student nurses to practice their academic skills in a clinical setting. Students can schedule observation in a selected unit of the pediatric hospital, as well as refine their nursing skills through practice and relationships.

  13. The William W. Backus Hospital Nursing Residency Program


    This nursing residency program allows new nurses to build confidence in their skills. Students refine their education further by choosing a specialty track such as Med/Surg, Critical Care, Emergency, and Surgical Services.

  14. Good Shepherd Medical Center Graduate Nurse (GN) Residency Program


    The graduate nurse residency program works to recruit and train new nurses. Nurses can learn about and work in the areas of critical care, surgical, maternity and more.

  15. The Sarasota Memorial Health Care Nurse Residency Program


    The nurse residency program at Sarasota helps to develop the skills crucial to long term careers in nursing. These include expanding professional skills, developing relationship skills for working with patients, doctors, parents, and coworkers, and leadership skills and values.

  16. University of Alabama at Birmingham BSN Residency


    This BSN residency is designed for nurses who have graduated in the last six months. The program focuses on creating leaders in nursing by offering continued training the areas of communication, patient safety, evidence-based nursing plans, and career planning.

  17. Sutter Health Sutter Delta Medical Center


    Intern nurses can apply to one of four areas: emergency, women’s health center, medical telemetry, and surgery. Once accepted into a specific program, the program includes clinical conferences and direct, hands-on patient care.

  18. CHOC Children’s RN Residency in Pediatrics Program


    The CHOC 20-week residency program has several unique components to help nurses fulfill their professional potential. This includes direct presenting and training from other nurses, feedback and evaluation, mentoring, and curriculum that is hands-on and evidence based.

  19. Nurse Residency Programs


    Here is a database of residencies, training, and internships for nurses. Newly graduated nurses can find nursing residency programs from all over the country and in every different area, including ambulatory care and burn nursing.

    • Visit Their Homepage:
  20. Adventist Health RN Residency Program


    Adventist’s residency is an 18 week long training and clinical partnering for nurses that has proven to give the same competence and confidence as a nurse who has been practicing medicine for 18 months. This is achieved through excellent relationships with other nurses as mentors and advocates, as well as on-site curriculum.

  21. Dayton Children’s Nurse Extern Program


    This program was designed to give nursing students a chance to work with pediatric patients. Experience and training with pediatric patients is not always standard in nursing schools, so anyone interested in working with children can benefit from this kind of program.

  22. Seton Health Care RN Residency


    With professional and personal support, this residency program uses curriculum and clinical experience to guide student nurses in their professional experience. Students can choose from a number of specialties to continue their training, including acute care, behavioral health, and NICU.

  23. Children’s Hospital of Michigan Nurse Residency Program for New Graduates


    Nurses looking to continue to build on their skills, as well as work in a pediatric environment, should look at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan’s residency program. Here nurses will work with patients, be trained under the guidance of established nurses, and learn more about medicine and their careers.

  24. Benefis Health System Montana American Indian Nurse Internship


    The eleven-month American Indian Internship is for newly graduated American Indian nurses in Montana. Here, nurses are prepared for a position at the Montana Reservation Indian Health Services, and can choose to study in the fields of cardiac, ICU, maternity, or emergency.

  25. Westchester Medical Center Nurse Residency Program


    This residency program allows new nurses a structured and supported way to develop their skills. Nurses are encouraged to think critically and work closely with other nurses as they begin their career.

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  1. Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals and Clinics Nurse Residency Program


    Nurses accepted into this residency will focus on three major roles of nursing: leadership, patient safety and outcomes, and professional roles. This program is designed to help nurses incorporate their academic training into their clinical practice and create effective, confident nurses.

  2. University of Wisconsin Health Nurse Residency Program


    This 12-month long residency program helps new nurses put into practice the theory and academic learning from their degree. The University of Wisconsin puts them alongside excellent mentors and trainers in an acute setting to help move them forward in their professional lives.

  3. Roper St. Francis Post Graduate Nursing Internship


    The nursing internship at St. Francis provides opportunities for nurses to get further in their careers. The 16 week program helps new nurses transition from their academic training to diverse clinical work.

  4. Greenville Health System Nurse Residency Program


    Nurses who are part of the Greenville Health nursing residency program are expected to attend educational seminars, complete an evidence based project, and spend the duration of the year working clinical trials. This training is meant to strengthen a nurse’s bedside manner, ability to make decisions, and create an atmosphere of patient safety.

  5. Centennial Medical Center’s Versant RN Residency Program


    Centennial Medical Center has a residency program that was developed by nurses for nurses. They supplement their core clinical training with classroom training, labs, and simulations.

  6. Moffitt Cancer Center Oncology Nurse Residency Program


    This residency at Moffitt Cancer Center helps transition nurses into the specialty of oncology nursing. They are trained in the broader areas of nursing, such as patient care and safety, but also specific oncology topics such as pain management and end of life care.

  7. Children’s Medical Center New Registered Nurse Graduate Internship


    Children’s Medical Center offers pediatric nursing internships in several areas, including NICU, surgery, and hematology-oncology. In each area, nurses are guided towards a professional and patient-focused nursing career.

  8. Oncology Nurse Internship at Huntsman Cancer Hospital


    The oncology program at Hunstman rotates nurses through inpatient and outpatient care so that they can see the nursing practice from several different angles. They also attend lectures and demonstrations specific to the care of oncology patients and oncology nursing.

  9. Bassett Healthcare Network Nurse Residency Program


    The residency program at Bassett Healthcare is dedicated to helping novice nurses become practiced RNs. After completing the residency, many of the graduate nurses are offered placement as employees in the departments of pediatric, dialysis, surgical and other units.

  10. Cone Health RN Operating Room Residency Program


    For nurses looking to enter into a career in the OR, Cone Health offers operating room residencies. New nurses are trained with surgeons and other OR nurses in clinical rotations covering all aspects of working in an operating room.

  11. Partners in Health Internship and Fellowship Programs


    PIH offers many different internships and fellowships for volunteers. Some deal with AIDS, advocacy, children’s health, or global issues, but all are health related.

  12. Ohio State University Medical Center


    Ohio State University offers both an internship and residency for nurses. The internship helps new nurses transition from classroom to clinical experience, while the residency comes afterwards and encourages continued growth and professional development, emphasizing specialty skills like management, leadership, and more.

  13. Christiana Care Health System


    Christina Care offers five different internships for nurses. Each focuses on offering nurses an opportunity to continue study in their selected track, as well as work closely with patients and other experienced healthcare workers.

  14. Versant RN Residency Program | Southern Illinois Healthcare


    Versant RN Residency is a structured, guided program that helps nurses train for and transition into professional nursing. Through education, self-evaluation, and a well-defined basis of guidelines and criteria of nursing standards, new nurses are able to establish themselves more firmly after their bachelor’s education.

  15. The Western Pennsylvania Hospital Student Opportunities in Nursing


    Western Pennsylvania Hospital offers several opportunities for student nurses. One of them is a 22-month RN program, and the other is a student externship that offers employment and education after graduation from nursing school.

  16. University of Maryland Medical Center Residency Program


    UMM offers two residency programs, critical care and trauma, and both offer nurses the chance to practice hands-on, lifesaving medicine after graduating from their nursing programs. Besides patient care and exercising skills, nurses will learn decision making and teamwork, crucial for working professionally in these two areas.

  17. Duke Nursing Nurse Residency


    With access to the latest labs, equipment, and technology, nurse residents at Duke Nursing can take a crucial step in their nursing careers. In addition to seminars and group discussions, nurses also practice medicine in clinical situations and receive career training and advice.

  18. Penn Medicine Nurse Residency Program


    The residency at University of Pennsylvania helps take nurses from beginner to professional. Their faculty and preceptors are there for guidance throughout the whole program which is full of clinical practice, patient relationships, and interdisciplinary studies and observations.

  19. Fairview Summer Nursing Student Internship Program


    This internship is full of real-world experiences and opportunities that allow for new nurses to gain confidence. Nurses will also work alongside many healthcare professionals in a wide variety of situations, furthering their knowledge and skills.

  20. Mississippi Nurse Residency Program


    The Mississippi Office of Nursing acknowledges the importance of residencies and internships, noting that preparing new nurses through these programs addresses nurse retention in medicine, as well as patient safety. These programs help students bridge the gap between school and work, resulting in overall job satisfaction and higher quality care.

  21. Visiting Nurse Service of New York Students and New Grads


    The Visiting Nurse Service of New York has many residency opportunities for those interested in home care nursing. These positions, in the areas of rehab, physical, and occupational therapy, work directly with patients under the supervision and mentoring of health care and nursing experts.

  22. The Methodist Hospital Willowbrook Nurse Residency Program


    This graduate nurse residency program focuses on clinical practice and leadership development. During this year long journey, nurses gain clinical competency and critical thinking skills.

  23. UC Irvine Health Nurse Residency Program


    Building upon prior education, this nurse residency consists of learning and work challenges and situations which will assist in the transition from student to professional. Focus during this residency is on communication, research, minimizing risk, and patient safety.

  24. The University of Mississippi Medical Center Nurse Residency Program


    This highly detailed, well-structured residency emphasizes professionalism and patient outcome. Support for nurse graduates includes discussions of clinical topics and situations, as well as hands-on experience with patient care equipment.

  25. UC Davis Health System Nursing Residency Program


    UC Davis Health offers a high competitive nursing residency for post graduate nursing students. Here, nurses are put through a series of learning and work experiences that help them become confident and competent professionals.

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  1. All Children’s Hospital Pediatric RN Residency Program


    Experience in the All Children’s pediatric RN residency program grows nurses into professional practitioners. Extensive training in all areas of pediatrics, including NICU, OR, and oncology provide critical education and practice for new nurses

  2. Memorial Health Nursing Residency Programs


    At Memorial Health, nursing graduates continue on their professional journey over a year long program that validates skills and documents and assesses training. Each month, seminar training focuses on a specific area of compassionate, professional nursing such as ethics or end of life care.

  3. St. Luke’s New Graduate Nurse Residency Program


    St. Lukes New Graduate Nurse Residency Program is designed for RN’s who are looking to make the transition from student to professional care givers. The program outlines what to expect when completed, which is vital information for whichever residency program you decide to enter.

  4. Grady RN Residency Program


    Grady RN Residency Program is a great way to get started as a recently graduate of nursing. Their explanation of how training is accomplished is particularly insightful for those preparing to become an RN in any part of the country.

  5. Hanover Emergency Center Nursing Internships & Job Shadowing


    Hanover Nursing Internships & Job Shadowing highlights some of the different opportunities available to nurses as they prepare to enter their career in nursing at different facilities. The wide range of option they present allows graduates to be the most educated when beginning the process.

  6. UMHS BSN Student Nurse Extern Program


    The University of Michigan BSN Student Nurse Extern Program is a work/study experience and it outlines all the different needs patients will have when nurses begin to work in the field. The site aptly outlines all the different options, from externships to perceptions, and others, that students will become involved with.

  7. North Mississippi Medical Center Nurse Extern Information


    North Mississippi Medical Center has a thorough extern program for nurses and allows for nurses to best understand all the different facets of being a nurse at one of their facilities. The page highlights what to expect from the program, as well as what sort of benefits and staff recognition can be expected when hired on.

  8. Franciscan Health System Nursing Residencies


    Franciscan Health System Nursing Residencies is a great resource for those looking to become part of their staff or those seeking more information on what to expect as a nurse. Along with information on nursing residencies, the site is great for finding information on being a nurse anywhere in the Seattle area and also a useful tool for finding a nursing position.

  9. St. David’s HealthCare Nurse Residency


    St. David’s HealthCare Nurse Residency outlines what to expect as a nurse and even has an in-depth video for painting a more comprehensive picture.

  10. Hartford Hospital Graduate Nurse Residency Program


    Hartford Hospital provides an extremely thorough nursing residency program and by outlining the different objectives available to applicants, both internally and externally, and also outlining the many different internships available.

  11. Metro Health Nurse Extern Program


    Metro Health Nurse Extern Program is great for nurses looking for a fantastic entry point into nursing after graduation. Their program presents the upmost in technological advances and highlights the best ways for nurses in western Michigan and Grand Rapids to stay involved with their communities.

  12. Cape Fear Valley Health System Acute Care Residency


    Cape Fear Valley Health provides an Acute Care Residency designed to equip nurses to handle very particular situations, including the emergency department, progressive care unit, chest pain center, and long term acute care unit.

  13. Overlake Medical Center New Graduate Nurse Residency Program


    Overlake Medical Center’s New Graduate Nurse Residency Program equips those recent college graduates with the proper materials to take advantage of all the resources available to them at the medical center and to prepare to be the best nurses possible.

  14. Baptist Health Louisville Nurse extern program


    Baptist Health Louisville Nurse Extern Program focuses on providing students the proper resources to fulfill the requirements of a bachelor’s in nursing and to best prepare themselves for a career in nursing.

  15. University Hospitals Nurse Residency Program


    University Hospitals’ Nurse Residency Program outlines generally what to expect from the program and how to prepare to be the best nurse by the program’s end. The information provided makes a great reference for those not even planning on attending their residency program.

  16. St. Mary’s Summer Student Nurse Program


    St. Mary’s Summer Student Nurse Program outlines a fantastic way to build experience as a nurse while still enrolled in college and to enter their senior year with 6 weeks of in-depth experience as a nurse.

  17. Baptist Health Nurse Externship Program


    Students who are currently enrolled in a nursing program have the opportunity to build on their skills and education through the Baptist Health nurse externship. While their responsibilities would be limited, they would still be interacting with patients and gaining invaluable experience.

  18. Evergreen Healthcare RN Residency Program


    Evergreen Health’s RN Residency Program outlines the essential details of what to expect when entering the closing period of college as a nursing major.

  19. Wakemed Health & Hospitals: Nurse Fellowship Program

    Wakemed Health & Hospitals’ Nurse Fellowship Program offers new nurses a chance to work alongside seasoned professionals, gaining practical experience and opportunities for continuing education that can make it easier to get and keep a job in the growing and competitive field of nursing

  20. East Texas Medical Center Regional Healthcare System Nurse Residency Program


    East Texas Medical Center Regional Healthcare System’s Nurse Residency Program outlines the essential objectives for nurses to better themselves and to implement the most effective practices as they develop.

  21. Advocate Health Care New Graduate RN Residency Program


    Advocate Health Care New Graduate RN Residency Program outlines the different facets to nursing that will be learning upon entering their program and what differentiates them from others.

  22. INTEGRIS Health Nurse Residency Program


    INTEGRIS Health Nurse Residency Program instills a broad sense of what nurses can do by completing the program through them and the objectives highlight what nurses can expect not only from their program, but as a quality nurse.

  23. Anne Arundel Medical Center Nursing Graduate Internship


    Anne Arundel Medical Center Nursing Graduate Internship is a year-long program that prepares nurses for the rigors of a career in the field and what can be expected in a broad sense.

  24. White Memorial Medical Center RN Residency Program


    White Memorial Medical Center’s RN Residency Program underlines what many nursing internships will entail, including their own and how nurses can best prepare for them to be successful through a variety of means.

  25. Indiana University Health Patient Care Intern


    Indiana University Health Patient Care Internships provides students unique opportunities to get in-depth, hands-on experience with a professional staff and real patients.

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  1. Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego RN Residency in Pediatrics


    Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego provides a comprehensive RN Residency in Pediatrics for nurses looking to specialize their skill set by working exclusively with children. The different requirements for the position are largely universal for children care and it’s useful to look at the information if considering pediatric care.

  2. Penn State Hershey Nursing Graduate Nurse Residencies


    Penn State Hershey Nursing provides a Graduate Nurse Residency Program designed to implement a solid foundation for nurses to best be prepared for working in the field. This 12-month residency, which is many times common for recent graduates, will aptly prepare individuals for their career.

  3. Medstar Georgetown University Hospital Nurse Residency Program


    MedStar Georgetown University Hospital has an intensive nurse residency program that will prepare nurses from a variety of backgrounds for the diverse landscape of situations that will inevitably be encountered in their careers.

  4. University of Utah Health Care Oncology Nurse Internship Program


    University of Utah Health Care Oncology Nurse Internship Program is an intensive internship that prepares individuals for the specialized care of handling and managing cancer care. The 16 week program is very useful to best situate individuals for specialized care.

  5. UHC/AACN Nurse Residency Program


    UHC/AACN Nurse Residency Program outlines the general expectations of nurses and what they can expect to gain from such a program with them. It’s useful for any recent graduate looking to take the next step in their career.

    • Visit Their Homepage: UHC
  6. DeKalb Medical’s Paid Nurse Residency Programs


    DeKalb Medical’s Paid Nurse Residency Programs are designed with the intent purpose of garnering the best skill set for nurses to succeed in their careers. The site outlines the requirements for their nursing residencies and how to become involved.

  7. St. Jude’s Nurse Extern Program


    St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital has an excellent Nurse Extern Program for Student Nurses that situates them to gain experience in some highly specialized fields and best serve patients. With areas such as leukemia, solid tumor, bone marrow transplant, and intensive care unit, nurses are given many different options to sufficiently provide care.

  8. Advocate Health Care Nurse Extern Program


    Advocate Health Care Nurse Extern Program affords students the opportunity to work at one of the Top 100 Hospitals in the Nation, as designated by Thomson Reuters. The program provides great resources and affords great options for the nurses involved.

  9. Children’s Hospital Colorado Nurse Residency Program


    Children’s Hospital Colorado Nurse Residency Program highlights what nurses can expect who join their fantastic team and pursue a better career in nursing.

  10. Mountain States Health Alliance Nurse Internship Program


    Mountain States Health Alliance Nurse Internship Program is a great way for nurses to gain valuable experience following graduation and help assist in the crucial transition from student nurse to professional RN.

  11. Allina Health Internships


    Allina Health Internships provide a few different options for students who have finished or are going to graduate from college shortly. Their Summer Nursing Student Internship provides students with many rewarding experiences that can benefit their career greatly.

  12. Saint Vincent Graduate Nurse Program


    Saint Vincent Graduate Nurse Intern Residency Program outlines all of the things nurses can expect when working as a GN and how to best prepare for the opportunity and how it can benefit their career.

  13. UAMS Medical Center Externship Program


    The University of Arkansas for Medical Services Externship Program is designed for students who wish to work as part of the university upon completion of the program and it best equips them for the different opportunities that will be offered at the hospital.

  14. University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics Nurse Residency Program


    University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics Nurse Residency Program is for students who will graduate in the next four months or are recent graduates. The program helps prepare students for many different circumstances and is very useful for college students.

  15. Piedmont Healthcare Registered Nurse Residency Programs


    Piedmont Healthcare Registered Nurse Residency Programs provide specializations in areas such as acute care, critical care, emergency, labor, postpartum, and even transplant, making it a great choice for nurses looking for options in what area they wish to go into.

  16. Emory Healthcare Nursing Residencies


    Emory Healthcare Nursing Residencies look at many different areas that students can specialize in and it will provide a great starting point for those recent graduates looking to get established with a great healthcare institution.

  17. Owensboro Health Nurse Extern Program


    Owensboro Health’s Nurse Extern Program allows students to get the real-world experience necessary for successfully transitioning into full nurse work in the field.

  18. MultiCare RN Residency program


    MultiCare’s RN Residency Program is a 12-week program that helps set the foundation for nurses fresh out of college or completing soon. The information on the website gives a great outline of what can be expected as a professional RN.

  19. Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters Student Nurse Externships


    Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters’ Student Nurse Externships helps students transition into full-fledged nurses and be in the best place possible for their careers. The FAQ is particularly insightful for garnering a better understanding of what to expect as a nurse.

  20. Atlanticare Career Growth


    AtlantiCare Career Growth is fantastic for painting a realistic picture of what nurses will undertake upon graduating college and getting into the field. The site is loaded with useful resources as well.

  21. Nurse in Washington Internship


    Nurse in Washington Internship from The Alliance (Nursing Organizations Alliance) is a very short opportunity, but awards a wealth of knowledge by giving interns the experience to work with seasoned professionals.

  22. Legacy Health Nurse Residency Program


    Legacy Health’s Nursing Residency Program provides a plethora of specialty areas for interested nurses to have the best available resources for effectively instilling change in their communities. The site is exceptionally detailed and great for any nursing student.

  23. UMass Memorial Medical Center New Graduate Registered Nurse Residency Program


    UMass Memorial Medical Center’s New Graduate Registered Nurse Residency Program is great for those in the east looking for a highly regarded program to become a part of and to implement the best care to patients possible.

  24. Avera Nursing Internship Program


    Avera Nursing Internship Program is a clinical enrichment program designed for senior nursing students and it equips them with the knowhow and expertise to be the most effective nurses and enter the end of their collegiate experience with the best tools to succeed.

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