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As we approach a global shortage in nursing professionals, our goal is to provide you with all the information you need about accredited colleges and universities that offer LPN to RN programs online, as well as quality information about nursing education and nursing careers. OnlineLPNtoRN.org has been providing nursing professionals and prospective students with quality information about LPN to RN programs and nursing since 2009. We are passionate about the nursing profession, and we want to share our enthusiasm with potential nursing students, current nursing students, and registered nurses. Our high-quality articles and reference guides make it easy to stay informed on job statistics, scholarships and grants for nursing students, and other useful topics.

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Megen Duffy

Megen Duffy

Join Megen Duffy, site blogger, RN, BA, BSN, and CEN as she explores the world of nursing.

Megen Duffy, RN, BA, BSN, CEN, works in corrections in the Midwest after years of ER and ICU nursing. She has served as a local board member of the Kansas State Nurses Association and is a contributing editor to the American Journal of Nursing. She is also a freelance writer and medical editor.

Megen keeps our readers up-to-date and informed on the latest news and changes in the nursing profession as well as offers personal insight into what her life is like in the healthcare industry. Her blog is a down-to-earth and friendly place that dispenses advice and professional wisdom. She’s an incredible resource, and we’re lucky to have her!