25 Awesome Healthy Eating Sites for Nurses, Dietitians, and Regular People

A healthy diet can be part of any lifestyle, but is especially important if you’re recovering from illness or injury. While many people think of medicine or a visit to the doctor as the best way to get well soon, a nurse, nurse practitioner, or even a dietitian can recommend a change in diet that will make it easier to heal, and less likely that you’ll be ill or injured again. Whether or not you’re sick at the moment, it is never too soon to improve your eating habits, and it is never too late to make a resolution to cut the junk out and start treating your body right.

  1. Pure Natural Diva

    Tania, a wife and mother who lives in Los Angeles, spent hours on research into products and labels, trying to make the best buying decisions for her family. In the process, she built this site, so you don’t need to do the research into products in topics such as beauty, fitness, food and nutrition, and technology.

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  2. Borganic.org

    This top organic blog provides information about organic foods, and the effects of GMO. Since 2008, readers have enjoyed vital information, health tips, and news about changes in the organic food industry.

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  3. Roxana’s Home Baking

    Roxana started this blog when she began baking as a way to keep track of her progress in the kitchen. If you dig into her articles, you’ll find a collection of family-favorite recipes, and other recipes that she created on her own — including a few new vegan recipes.

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  4. Seduction Meals

    If you want the best advice on how to create romantic meals for two, then visit Terry’s blog. Her meals range from simple and sublime to grand gourmet feasts created from scratch. And while taste is important, Terry knows that the ambience matters, too!

    Tasty Treat: Strawberry rhubarb creme brulee

  5. For the Love of Cooking

    Pam is a stay-at-home mom who is inspired to be a better cook for her husband and two children. She uses fresh ingredients, organic when possible, and likes to experiment — she uses this blog to organize and to share her amazing recipes and to share some pantry envy.

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  6. Living Healthy in the Real World

    Sagan is a health writer and Certified Holistic Nutritionist who believes in walking the walk instead of just writing about healthy nutrition, fitness, body image, and mental health. She writes several blogs, but this one is all about how to live healthy in the real world.

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  7. Lisa’s Kitchen

    Lisa is a veteran vegetarian, having eaten vegetarian meals for over 22 years. This blog serves up a collection of yummy culinary creations from her kitchen, with a firm emphasis on spicy Indian dishes and whole foods.

    Tasty Treat: Chickpea Flour (Besan) Crêpes with Spinach

  8. Diary of a Nutritionist

    This nutritionist believes that the only way to achieve natural beauty is by eating correctly and to eat specific food combinations. She’s on a mission to help readers throw out the diet aids and begin a new lifestyle of eating to prevent disease, improve energy, clear the skin, and trim that waistline naturally.

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  9. Bridget Krutzik – Holistic Nutrition Consultant, Intutive, and Healer

    Bridget grew up eating a typical American diet, which was high in meat, starch, and fast foods. As a result, she developed painful health challenges that she reversed with healthy nutritional tools. She shares her knowledge with readers on her blog and through her profession as a holistic nutrition consultant.

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  10. Circle of Food

    Is your food safe? This blog about healthy lifestyles specializes in warning readers about food recall safety information, healthy recipes, diets, and healthy lifestyle tips. As a top healthy living site, this blog also focuses on the whole meal, including coffee, tea, and spirits.

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  11. Nutrition Unplugged

    Janet is a registered dietitian, a writer, and a mom of twins — and her passion is translating nutrition science into lay terms so anyone can understand the message. She is a former media spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and now shares her knowledge and passion for nutritional health through her own blog.

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  12. Simply Savor

    Kristen is a registered dietitian, foodie, chef, fitness instructor, health writer, and chocolate lover. Her goal is to inspire people to eat better through her creative recipes that focus on a Mediterranean lifestyle that she adopted while living in Italy.

    Tasty Treat: Spaghetti Squash with Edamame Pesto

  13. Eat Without Guilt

    Dinneen wants women to focus not only on what they’re eating, but why they’re eating the foods they choose. She’s helped thousands of women around the globe become “normal eaters” who shed excess weight and who still manage to eat without guilt.

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  14. Natural Recipes

    It’s never too late to turn to natural foods to discover the benefits of eating healthy. This site is jam-packed full of mouth-watering recipes that will also provide reasons why to use various ingredients for a healthier balance.

    Tasty Treat: Kamut Pizza Dough

  15. Whole Health Source

    Stephan is a researcher who is investigating the causes behind obesity and the brain’s ability to regulate body fat. In the meantime, he’s studied about time-tested strategies for achieving optimum health and shares that information on this blog.

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  16. Fit Bottomed Girls

    If you want to “keep a lid on the junk in the trunk,” then follow the topics offered in the blogs on this site. Learn more about workouts, motivation, food, and reviews of health-related products and enjoy their giveaways while you’re at it.

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  17. A Foodie Stays Fit

    If you love good food (meaning healthy wholesome food) and want to eat a lot of it, how do you manage your weight? Teri tells you how with her tips on food and fitness, especially running, yoga, and body image acceptance.

    Tasty Treat: Brown Rice & Black Bean Salad with Avocado & Cilantro

  18. Balanced Bites

    Diane Sanfilippo is a New York Times best-selling author of Practical Paleo, a book that helps people find health and healing with traditional foods. She teams up with a nutritionist, a fitness trainer, and a fitness specialist to bring readers this blog about how to bust those sugar and carb cravings.

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  19. Pinch My Salt

    Nicole started this blog while living in Italy, where she was inspired to create meals that contained whole, fresh ingredients. Nicole also is a great photographer, so her images are as mouthwatering as her recipes.

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  20. Smitten Kitchen

    This blog is all about how to adore making food from scratch — from tutorials on how to poach an egg to birthday cakes to a five-minute healthy side dish. You may enjoy this blog author, too, as she shares her proclivities for bourbon, artichokes, and baked goods with funny names.

    Tasty Treat: Lamb chops with pistachio tapenade

  21. My Life Runs on Food

    This “sweet, savory, buttery, green and healthy food blog by Sanura Weathers” was called out as one of the Top 10 Food Blogs of 2012 by PBS Food. The combination of healthy recipes, lush photography, and down to earth advice makes this a great read for anyone who eats.

    Tasty Treat: Butternut Squash Pie with Nairn’s Oatcake Cracker Crust

  22. A Nutritionist Eats

    How does a nutritionist really eat? Ask Emily, who shares her philosophy about eating…and it’s all about balance. Enjoy her recipes, nutrition health tips, and learn about exciting new foods at her blog.

    Tasty Treat: Spicy Shrimp Toasts

  23. Simply Scratch

    Laurie’s blog is a place where she unleashes her obsession for food made from scratch, using simple and delicious ingredients. From appetizers to special dietary needs, Laurie isn’t afraid to tackle a good homemade dish and share the recipe with you.

    Tasty Treat: Homemade Lemon & Basil Ricotta

  24. Kath Eats Real Food

    Kath is a registered dietician who began blogging as motivation to lose 30 pounds. She shares her recipes, meals, and inspirations and tips on her blog, with a special tribute to oatmeal.

    Tasty Treat: Local Food, Blue Mountain


  26. Tri 2 Cook

    Shannon Grande is both a triathlon runner and an avid cook, and she writes about both passions on this blog that advocates healthy and delicious eating with a DIY ethos, all complimented with great photographs of her culinary creations.

    Tasty Treat: Spicy Stout Mustard