Top 25 Facebook Apps for Healthcare Professionals

Technology is creating bridges and opportunities to connect all the time. Even nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals are using technology — and even social media — to connect to others. There are a lot of opportunities online to get to know others, as well as to increase your own knowledge.

Indeed, as social media continues to be popular, there is a good chance that you can improve your medical knowledge, as well as relax and unwind, using social media sites like Facebook. There are a number of Facebook applications aimed at healthcare professionals. No matter what field of healthcare you are in, you can use Facebook to find valuable information, as well as connect to others. Here are 25 Facebook apps that healthcare professionals can enjoy:

News and Reference

Get reference help, as well as news headlines, when you make use of these Facebook apps.

  1. PubMed Search: Use this Facebook app to look for PubMed journal articles right from Facebook. You can save articles to your account for future reference, as well as share them with your Facebook connections. A great resource.
  2. NEJM Recent Articles: Get recently published articles from The New England Journal of Medicine. You can also get early released articles from this resource. A Facebook app that keeps you up to date with the latest happenings in the world of medicine and health care.
  3. Medical News Today: Health News: This is a great Facebook app that offers you the latest news headlines from the world of health and medicine. Get a look at what is happening in the world of medicine from some of the most respected names in health research.
  4. Medical News: Use this Facebook app to get the medical news that you want, delivered right to you. A great way to get the news feed you are looking for.
  5. The Clubhouse: If you are looking for child health news, The Clubhouse Facebook application can be a great resource. This application is from the Akron Children’s Hospital, the largest pediatric healthcare system in northeast Ohio. Great information on child health and more.
  6. [email protected] Protein Researcher: Be involved with protein research. This cool application can allow you to participate in research going on at Standford University as it has to do with protein folding. Includes helpful information on disease research.
  7. The Work: Learn more about alternative and complementary medicine with this application. It focuses on self-healing, and includes different techniques that might work in some settings. Worth a look for healthcare professionals.
  8. CDC Flu I.Q. Quiz: Reliable information from the CDC about the flu. Take this interactive quiz to brush up.

Fun and Games

Test your knowledge with quizzes and games, and have a little fun.

  1. What is your Pharmacy IQ?: A fun quiz that can help you brush up on your knowledge of common medications. Takes you through common drugs found on the shelves of the local pharmacy.
  2. medicine: This is a fun way to connect with medical career colleagues. Send medical implements to your Facebook friends. Healthcare humor at its best.
  3. Which Medicine Are You?: Do you want to find out which medicine you most resemble? This silly quiz is a great way to waste a few minutes. A fun questionnaire to fill out. Then you can decide how accurate the results really are.
  4. Health Quiz: Test your knowledge of proper health, and your own health. A fun way to spend a few minutes, and a good reminder to employ the healthy habits that you encourage your patients to follow.
  5. How Healthy Are You?: This quiz from a chiropractic center offers some insight into health and wellness. Use this quiz to figure out your own health — including emotional health. Great ideas, too, for questions that you can ask your own patients when assessing their health.
  6. Health Nursing Assessment Quiz 1: A great quiz for nurses and potential nurses. Helpful and interesting.
  7. Which psychiatric medication are you?: Learn more about biochemistry as you answer questions and learn about drugs with this application developed by a psychiatrist.
  8. Play House, M.D.: This mini-game requires you to administer the right medication — in the right dose — to your “patient.”

Causes and Sharing

Show of your favorite medical related causes, as well as share information with your Facebook friends.

  1. Medline Publications: You can easily share the publications you have listed with Medline when you use this Facebook app. See what publications your friends and colleagues have as well. A great way to share your pubs.
  2. Med Tracker: Medical professionals come in contact with a number of different medications. This Facebook app is aimed at allowing you to rate prescription and over the counter drugs. A great way to share your thoughts about different meds.
  3. Healthy Eating Recipes: Many healthcare professionals are also great cooks. You can combine your knowledge of proper healthy eating habits with cooking to help your Facebook friends eat better. Share your favorite healthy recipes, and get new ideas for healthy eating from others.
  4. Go Go Give: You can use this app to give to causes of your choice. Share with your friends and encourage them to donate as well. Easy and a way to make a difference for child health or other worthwhile health causes.
  5. Awareness Ribbons: You can use these to post support for causes on Facebook. Ribbons for heart disease, breast cancer, autism awareness and other causes can be found here. Raise awareness for medical conditions with the help of this app.
  6. Quit Smoking: A great application meant to help you quit smoking. Even though they know better, sometimes healthcare professionals use cigarettes. This is a great resource. If you don’t smoke, you can recommend this app to patients looking for help and support as they quit smoking.
  7. Be an organ donor: Encourage your Facebook friends to become organ donors. If you are interested in organ donations, this is a great app. Especially appropriate for surgeons and other healthcare professionals who are involved in organ transplant.
  8. Designed to help you connect and share with other physicians, this Facebook app can be a solid resource. Find others to work with, including healthcare organizations and even recruiters. A great resource.
  9. Webinaria Screencast Recorder: This useful Facebook app is perfect if you want to create a way to share presentations and papers. You can put together papers, presentations and other information related to medicine and use this application to share it with others on Facebook. A great tool, especially for healthcare professionals involved with teaching.