Top 25 Cruise Ship Nursing Blogs

When many people think about nursing, they picture hospitals and clinics. However, these are not the only places where nurses are in demand. In fact, the field of travel nursing is becoming more popular as nurses realize that they can receive pay for traveling. And one of the ways that you can get into travel nursing is to be a nurse on a cruise ship. Cruise ships have great need for nursing professionals who can help out when passengers fall sick, or experience some types of injury.

800px-FreedomCruise ships are miles from anywhere, out in the ocean, and having a nurse on board can mean the difference between life and death for some passengers as they wait for other medical attention when needed. Here are 25 of the top cruise ship nursing blogs, as well as blog posts on cruise ship nursing. You can find information about being a cruise ship nurse, travel nursing in general, cruise ships in general, and learn more about jobs available on cruise ships.

Blogs on Cruise Ship Jobs and Cruise Ship Nursing

These blogs look at life on cruise ships, the jobs available and tips about cruise ship nursing. Many of these blogs are written by insiders who know exactly what is happening in the world of cruise ships.

  1. Cruise Job Insider Blog: Learn about different jobs available on a cruise ship, and learn about the need for nurses on cruise ships, and what you can do to become a cruise ship nurse.
  2. Follow the adventures of this traveling nurse, as she moves from place to place, peddling her skills. An interesting look into the possibilities, including helpful information about cruise ship nursing.
  3. P & O Ships Nurses: Learn about requirements of ship nurses, as well as what you need to do to qualify yourself for a job as a cruise ship nurse.
  4. Saipan Nursing Blog: What do you do if you’re a nurse in the Pacific? Saipan Nursing Blog offers interesting news, insight and information on nursing, travel nursing and cruise ship nursing, with special focus on Saipan.
  5. Cruise Jobs: Learn about different jobs available on cruise ships. Includes helpful information on cruise ship nursing, as well as information on what life is like when you live on a cruise ship.
  6. Travel Nurse Aim: Learn about what it’s like for this nurse traveling the world with her family as she offers her services, including some insights on working on a cruise ship.
  7. The Nursing Show: Nurses from a number of fields and backgrounds, including cruise ship nurses, offer their thoughts and opinions on nursing.
  8. Travel Nursing Blogs: Gain insight on career advice for all kinds of travel nursing. Find answers to questions you might have about being a cruise ship nurse, and keep up with the latest news and information.
  9. Travel Nursing Blog: Ask Mark your questions about nursing on the go, including cruise ship nursing. Find other information on how to make a career out of travel nursing, and even information on how to get on cruise ship.
  10. Cruise Ship Blog: Get the inside skinny on different types of cruise ships, the jobs available, and how you can be a nurse on a cruise ship.
  11. John Heald’s Blog: This is a blog written by a cruise director at Carnival. It’s an interesting blog that can give you a good idea of how things are run on a cruise ship, and whether it might be right for you.
  12. Travel Nurse Jobs Companies: Learn more about travel nursing, including cruise ship nurse information and resources for learning more about cruise ship nursing and travel nursing.
  13. Highway Hypodermics: Provides a look at travel nursing news, as well as what you can do to enhance your career. Also includes helpful insights on cruise ship nursing.
  14. Travel Nurse Source: Helpful articles and information on different aspects of travel nursing, including cruise ship nursing and the challenges related to being on call so much.
  15. Cruise Law News: Get insight into what happens on cruises, and the legal implications. A very helpful resource for those interested in protecting themselves and understanding more about possible opportunities and pitfalls.

Blog Posts that Address Cruise Ship Nursing

Here are some blog posts from nursing blogs and other sources that focus on the career opportunities available with cruise ship nursing.

  1. “Cruise Control” from NurseWeek offers an inside look at a nursing career aboard a cruise ship.
  2. “Career Cruisin” from MinorityNurse looks at life on a cruise ship as a nurse. Learn about the unique career opportunities that are available on a cruise ship.
  3. “Nursing Jobs on Cruise Ships…” from Sunshinebob’s Blog looks at the opportunities you have to meet others and forge lasting relationships when you follow a nursing career on a cruise ship.
  4. “The Rewards of Being a Traveling Nurse” at Nursing Training and Tutor provides a look at the different opportunities and rewards that comes with travel nursing, including working on a cruise ship.
  5. “How to Work As a Nurse on a Cruise Ship” from eHow lets you get a step-by-step look at what you can do in order to become a cruise ship nurse.
  6. “Nurse at Sea…” from InteRNational on Healthcare POV tells the story of how one registered nurse found a career as a cruise ship nurse — and then found her true love.
  7. “Dear Cindy – Nurse Jobs on Cruise Ships?” from MedHunters offers a checklist of requirements for those wishing to to be cruise ship nurses. Great resource on what it takes to succeed as a traveling nurse on a cruise ship.
  8. “Cruise Ship Nurses Have Their Cake and Eat It Too” from American Chronicle looks at the job of cruise ship nurses, the requirements, and the perks.
  9. “Cruise Nursing” at Associated Content offers a good look with regard to what it’s like to work on a cruise ship as a nurse, and what requirements you need.
  10. “Cruise Line Medical Staff” from includes a number of different medical jobs available on cruise ships. This includes jobs in cruise ship nursing.

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