50 Must-Bookmark Nursing Care Plan Libraries

Proper patient care at times requires planning. Knowing what treatment is prescribed, as well as what has been done so far can be quite helpful. Additionally, it is vital that you have some idea of how to proceed. Planning out medication, therapy and other treatment can help you proceed in a logical manner. Additionally, a formal nursing care plan can help you establish benchmarks that can allow you evaluate how well your patient is progressing. If you are looking for some help with nursing care plans, here are 50 great resources:

Nursing Plan Basics

58872516Learn the basics of what nursing plans are all about, and how they can be useful.

  1. Nursing care plan: This entry from Wikipedia outlines what a nursing plan is, and provides helpful hints on how to prepare one.
  2. Care Conference Format: This is a helpful checklist on how to run a care conference, in which you get together with other care providers to develop or evaluate a care plan.
  3. VCU Libraries: Offers a look at evidence-based medicine and provides resources on trials and reviews, as well as care plans.
  4. Creating Nursing Care Plans: An overview of what a nursing care plan is, and its usefulness.
  5. Medicaid Planning Basics: This crash course in financial literacy can enhance your performance as a nurse as you understand some of the challenges associated with planning around the requirements of Medicaid.
  6. Basic Nursing Care Study Tools: Get an idea of what you need to know as a nurse, and learn different treatments available for use with care plans.
  7. Virtual Careplan Tool: Get help with your nursing care plan with this PDA tool.
  8. Basics and Standards of Care Planning: Understand the guidelines associated with putting together a nursing care plan.

Putting Together a Nursing Care Plan

You want to know how to properly put together a nursing care plan, and these resources offer great places to look for helpful hints.

  1. Transitional Care Planning: Learn how to perform an assessment and put together a care plan.
  2. VirtualNurse: Learn the characteristics of a good nursing care plan, and how to create one.
  3. CareScribble: Get access to a tool that can help you with nursing plan creation and management. It costs money after a 15-day trial.
  4. Depression Treatment Plan: This plan shows you how to go through the steps to create your own treatment care plan for depressed patients.
  5. EHS: This is an actual constructor program that can help you efficiently create a nursing care plan.
  6. ADHD Central: Details how to create an effective nursing care plan, specifically aimed at those with ADHD.
  7. Journal of Nursing Education: A look at how nursing care plans can help students, and how to construct these plans.
  8. The State of Texas: A great tutorial on how to create a nursing care plan.
  9. eHow: Get step by step instructions on building your own nursing care plan.
  10. Moby’s Electronic Care Plan Constructor: It costs money, but is a great resource for creating care plans.

Nursing Plan Samples

Get samples of nursing plans. You can find examples of plans that have worked, and use them as bases for your own plans. Tweak as needed.

  1. Scribd: Offers a number of different nursing care plans especially aimed at neonatal and postnatal health.
  2. RN Central: A wide range of different nursing care plans that can be adapted to your needs.
  3. Treatment Plan That Worked: Some great plans that actually produced the desired results.
  4. Careplans123: This site is devoted to helping you look for nursing care plans.
  5. Careplans: A comprehensive site that helps you develop your own plans, with help from a variety of sample care plans.
  6. Medi-Smart: Learn about where you can find different nursing care plans and see examples of plans that you can use.
  7. Nursing Crib: Access to sample nursing care plans that can help you see how different situations can be handled.
  8. Comprehensive Nursing Care Plans: Just what it sounds like, you can get access to a number of plans to help you be a better nurse.
  9. Wellsphere: A variety of treatment plans for different conditions.
  10. CNS: Samples of problem oriented nursing care plans that can be used to help you tailor plans to your patients’ needs.
  11. Clarion University: This sample plan is aimed specifically at helping those affected with eating disorders.
  12. Innercept: Long term care plan for those who have needs that go beyond the short term.
  13. Explore Autism: Offers treatment care plans and resources related to the autism spectrum.
  14. New Mexico State University Library: Links and resources to nursing care plans and resources.

Case Studies

Looking at case studies can provide information and insight for nursing care plans. And some case studies even outline care plans that can be used in similar situations.

  1. Medical Simulations: Go through a number of medical simulations that can help you better understand nursing care.
  2. The Nurse Friendly: Interesting studies in clinical nursing.
  3. University of Utah: Helpful pathology case studies that can provide insight into a number of medical issues.
  4. Loyola University: Fascinating pulmonary case studies that can be of use for creating nursing care plans.
  5. University of Michigan: Clinical case studies offer useful insight into gross anatomy.
  6. Washington University in St. Louis: Learn about a number of cases, both with and without diagnoses.
  7. University of Pittsburgh: More pathology cases studies from a medical school. You can learn a lot, searching by diagnosis or by patient history.
  8. Nova Southeastern University: Using case studies to develop nursing methodology.
  9. Marshall: This interactive online case study offers an interesting and enlightening look at medicine, geared especially for nurses.
  10. Centers for Disease Control: Environmental medicine case studies offer another perspective to nursing and care plans.
  11. Community Health Nursing: A number of conditions can be studied through these case studies.
  12. Epocrates: This nursing case study is interactive and interesting, and provides helpful insights that can aid you as you create a nursing care plan.

Additional Nursing Resources

You can find nursing care plans, forms and other helpful information related to medicine at these nursing sites:

  1. allnurses.com: Learn about different conditions and get first hand knowledge and help from other nurses.
  2. Health Care POV: A number of nursing topics and helpful answers to a variety of questions. You can share your knowledge as well.
  3. NurseConnect: Find other nurses, getting support and learning from pooled knowledge.
  4. Nurse.com: This is one of the places for nurses. You can share pictures and insights, and benefit from what others share.
  5. Ultimate Nurse: Information, answers to questions and other issues related to nursing can be found here.
  6. Nursing Voices: Share your experiences with an understanding and supportive community.

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