50 Excellent RN and Nursing Groups on Facebook

Facebook offers many opportunities for nurses and RNs to join groups for work-related support, for organizing and for peer-based support. This list of 50 excellent RN and nursing groups found on Facebook are but a fraction of the total number of groups you can join to further your career or your interests. While most of the groups listed below are public and you can view them when you are not logged into Facebook, a few require requests and cannot be viewed unless you are a Facebook member.

Community and Public Health NursesWork-Related RN and Nursing Groups

  1. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists: This group is for CRNAs who are seeking new opportunities for employment.
  2. CRNA Direct: This is a group for all the CRNAs on Facebook.
  3. Demystifying Community/Public Health Nurses: This group was started to explain the roles of the community and public health nurse.
  4. Emerg-Plus Health Care Services — RNs: Emerg-Plus Health Care seeks RNs, RPNs, and PSWs for short- and long-term assignments in area hospitals.
  5. Forensic Nurse Examiners of Louisiana, Inc.: You must request to join this group comprised of nurses who provide forensic nursing care to all victims of sexual assault and domestic violence.
  6. I’m a Labor and Delivery nurse: This group focuses on maternal child nursing.
  7. Mental Health Nursing: This is a group for mental health practitioners, nurses and students to discuss and review topics of interest.
  8. Nurse Educators Group: The Nurse Educator’s Group was formed for registered nurses that work in staff development, clinical education or academic settings.
  9. Nurses/Legal Consultants: This group consists of nurses who work as legal consultants, who assist attorneys, insurance companies, etc.
  10. Registered Nurse: Jobs are posted, information provided, notes are posted to other nurses and the group is open to the general public.
  11. Registered Nurses: You must request to join this private Facebook group, which currently has just over 4,000 members.
  12. Registered Veterinary Nurse: Members must hold the title of RVN, AHT, RVT, RAHT and must be registered in good standing within the respective Provincial Association in which she/he practices.
  13. Rutledge Recruitment and Training: This recruitment agency offers temporary and permanent jobs in nursing and healthcare fields.
  14. Stalwart Staffing: This business specializes in providing temporary, temp-to-perm and direct hire staffing services to healthcare facilities.
  15. Traveling Medical Professionals: This group is designed for Medical Professionals who travel or do “contract” work.
  16. U.S. Military Nurses: This is a social networking group for Army, Navy, and Air Force Registered Nurse officers.

All Species NurseOrganizations

  1. All Species Nurse, LLC: This is an organization that brings together professionals in human and veterinary medicine.
  2. American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants: The AALNC is dedicated to the professional enhancement and growth of registered nurses practicing in the specialty of legal nurse consulting.
  3. Association of Nurses in AIDS Care (ANAC): This group promotes the professional development of nurses involved in the delivery of health care to persons infected or affected by HIV and AIDS.
  4. Campaign for Statutory Minimum Nurse Patient Ratios: This group supports a statutory minimum ratio of nurses to patients on hospital wards, with penalties for NHS trusts that fail to achieve those ratios.
  5. Certified Emergency Nurses: Although there are CENs throughout the world, the CEN exam is based on emergency nursing practice in the United States.
  6. Nurse and Healthcare Worker Protection S1788: Senate Bill S 1788 would provide standards that would help mitigate potential injuries related to patient handling.
  7. Reflections of Woman: Encouraging wellness for women with eating issues: Three nursing students began this group to raise awareness and to offer support for individuals with eating problems.
  8. Registered Nurses are Not Paid Enough! According to this group, RNs are “grossly underpaid,” and they want to gain support for RN job security.
  9. RNFA, Registered Nurse First Assistants: This Facebook group page serves as a discussion area for RNFA interests.
  10. Student Registered Nurse Anesthetist SRNA/CRNA Anesthesia Association: This group is open to the nursing student, Registered Nurse, Student Registered Nurse Anesthetist SRNA, Nurse Anesthetist CRNA, or Anesthesiologist MD.
  11. Support Underpaid Nurses: This group seeks to let the world know about nurses’ wages, and hopes to gain the government’s interest.

CPDmeNurses Outside the U.S.

  1. CPDme.com Online Development for Nurses, Midwives & Health Care Assistants: CPDme are a group of academic health and social work professionals who work across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
  2. Indonesian Registered Nurse Association (IRNI): This organization supports RNs who work in Indonesia.
  3. International MedLink, Inc.: IML is an international nurse recruiting, placement and education company based in Nashville, Tennessee and with offices in Manila and Cebu, Philippines.
  4. Nigerian Registered Nurses (NRN): This Facebook group is a social and supportive group for nurses who practice in Nigeria.
  5. Nurses against extortionate annual registration fees: This UK nurses’ group is gaining support against nurse registration fees that seem exorbitant.
  6. Nursing Jobs in Australia: Join this group if you want to tap into Healthscope, a leading Australian private healthcare provider.
  7. Philippine Nurses: Members include student nurses, registered nurses and other medical fields.
  8. Registered Nurse in the Philippines: Any RN who is from the Philippines can join this Facebook group.
  9. Registered Nurse’s Society of the Philippines: This is a group of Registered Nurses of the Philippines practicing the the profession physically, mentally, morally, spiritually through the guide of Philippine Nursing Act of 2002.
  10. Registered Nurses: This is a social group for nurses and student nurses to share feelings and to “discuss apartheid between male and female RNs.” This group is based in the Middle East.
  11. Save the Nurses: This group is out of Ontario, Canada, where it appears that healthcare facilities are cutting RN jobs and reducing the hours of nursing care.

Are You Man Enough to be a Nurse?Support Groups for Nurses and RNs

  1. Are you man enough to be a nurse? Male nursing is becoming more and more popular and for good reason — there are many opportunities and good pay.
  2. Chicken Soup for the Nurse’s Soul: Share your stories, you feelings and your compassion with this Facebook group, which focuses on the joy and trials of nursing.
  3. I Am a Registered Nurse: Share your stories, ask questions, look for guidance and support from this Facebook group geared toward RNs.
  4. I’m a Registered Nurse: This group is for any RN living or working anywhere in the world.
  5. I’m watching HawthoRNe and Nurse Jackie — AND I’m a nurse! This group is participating in a discussion on whether these two television shows accurately reflect the RN profession.
  6. I Love Being A Registered Nurse!!! This group is for anyone who currently is, or is going through college to be a Registered Nurse.
  7. My Wife is a Registered Nurse: This group supports those who support registered nurses when they return home.
  8. Nurse Citizen: This group focuses on the RN who is multifunctional in any nursing service setting.
  9. Nurses Roc!! This group is for health care professionals and those seeking to enter the career of nursing.
  10. Remind me why I want to become a nurse: You must request a membership to this group, comprised of student and practicing nurses who want to vent and who need support.
  11. RN Connect: Connect with registered nurses all over the world sharing a common interest of delivering quality patient care to patients.
  12. RPN’s Group (Registered Practical Nurse’s Group): All RPNs are welcome to join this group, which is a forum to share the joys and accomplishments of practical nursing.

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