25 Android Apps Every Nurse Needs

Being a nurse requires nerves of steel and plenty of savvy. Many nurses also have a great deal of helpful knowledge that can help them make their patients more comfortable, and even save lives in a number of dire situations. Technology is great, because it helps registered nurses stay on top of what is happening in medical world. Portable technology is especially helpful, since it allows nurses to check information at the bedside. If you are looking for ways to improve your performance as nurse, and you have technology running on Android, you can have everything you need practically at your fingertips. Here are 25 great Android apps that any nurse can use:

General Medical Reference

Quickly assess situations, and learn more about what is happening in the medical world. These reference apps offer a great store of knowledge that can help you refresh your memory almost instantly.

  1. Oxford Concise Medical Dictionary: This Android app is a great way to learn and recall medical terms. Offers brief and helpful explanations of the most important terms and concepts in medicine. You can get a “free to try” version with limited features. Cost: $21.59
  2. PubMed Mobile: If you are looking to get access to quick information about medicine, PubMed is a great place to look. The government clearinghouse offers plenty of information. Cost: Free
  3. WebMD: Get access to the great information offered on WebMD. The consumer format can also help you convey information in a friendly manner.
  4. Nursing Central: A comprehensive Android app aimed at nurses. Includes medical terms, disease reference and drug reference. Cost: $159.95
  5. Mini Nurse Lite: You can get a number of helpful references on drugs, medical abbreviations and more. Ideal for beginning nurses or nursing students. Cost: Free
  6. 999 Medical Anatomy Terms: Quiz yourself on medical anatomy terms. A helpful way to learn information, and boost your memory. Cost: $2.29
  7. Harrison’s Manual of Medicine: Yet another comprehensive guide to medicine. Includes terms, as well as references to disease backgrounds and more. Great interface makes it easy to use. Cost: $59.95


While you are not likely to actually be officially diagnosing any conditions, it can help to have a general idea of what you are dealing with. These Android apps are very helpful for nursing diagnosis.

  1. Handbook of Nursing Diagnosis: If you are interested in diagnosis reference materials designed for nurses, this is a great choice. Get the help you need. Cost: $39.95
  2. Davis’s Lab & Diagnostic Tests: This reference is designed for nurses, and offers a reference for diagnostic tests. Allows you to interpret results. Cost: $49.95
  3. Health Guide: This is a helpful guide that allows you to identify different health conditions by their symptoms. Cost: $1.99
  4. Diagnostic Imaging: Helpful information on diagnostic imaging. Samples of different images, a great reference for different imaging techniques. Can help you ability to diagnose. Cost: $2.99
  5. 5-Minute Clinical Consult: A very helpful resource when it comes to diagnosing different conditions. Includes pediatric topics as well as other topics of interest in medicine. Cost: $79.95
  6. Differential Diagnosis: This Android app allows you to discover different conditions by answering yes and no questions. A quick way to use symptoms to help you learn more about a patient’s problem. Cost: Free

Drug Reference

Dosing is an important part of a nurse’s job. Additionally, it can help to be aware of drug interactions, and the signs of side effects. Use these Android apps to assess different medications.

  1. Nurse’s Pocket Drug Guide: You can learn more about more than 1,000 medications. This reference includes information and selecting and properly administering medical drugs. Cost: Free Trial
  2. Drug Facts Gold: A great resource that allows you to learn about drug interactions and dosing, while at the same time providing helpful you with point of care decisions.
  3. Nursing Pharmacology: A great resource for medications. Includes flashcards that help you improve your knowledge base. Learn drug interactions and more. Cost: $2.99
  4. Mediquations: A helpful dosing calculator and can help you figure out proper dosages, so that you are more accurate with your efforts. Cost: $4.99
  5. Infusion Calc: Get the lowdown on infusions. An Android app designed for nurses and paramedics, this a great tool that can help with infusion processes. Cost: $0.99
  6. A2ZDrugs: Get helpful and quick information on different drugs, interactions, dosing and approvals. A great drug reference for helping you figure out exactly how to administer different medications. Cost: $49.95

Patient Care

Part of being a nurse is making sure your patients are comfortable and well cared for. You can enhance the care a patient receives with a little help from these Android apps.

  1. RNotes: Designed to help you help your patients, this Android app allows you to keep notes, answer questions, and be more organized. Deliver better patient care. Cost:$29.95
  2. Medical Spanish: This great Android app is designed for those who don’t speak Spanish to be able to help their Spanish-speaking patients. Allows you to get the information you need quickly. Cost: $6.99
  3. Talk to Me: This is an awesome Android translation app that can help you translate your instructions, or understand your patients. A good way to increase your communication with patients who don’t speak English. Real time translator is available with Spanish, French, Italian and German. Cost: Free
  4. Blood Pressure Tracker: Makes it easier to track your patients’ blood pressure. A quick and easy to assess patients. Allows you to track blood pressure trends, and receive information. Information is sent to the health care provider. Useful, and a good way to monitor those with a history of heart problems. Cost: $19.95
  5. Techmedic: Another distance patient tracker that allows you to monitor patients without always being in the room with them. This is great for nurses who specialize in home care, or who work with ambulatory patients. Information can be received at a distance, alerting nurses to problems.
  6. AgileMedCalc: A medical calculator designed to help with a number of different situations. This multifunction calculator is designed to enhance patient care by helping you with serum glucose, MELD score, weight conversions, calcium and more. A great resource for helping your patients and providing them with proper care. Cost: Free