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Holistic nurses work with patients to treat medical conditions by examining the “whole” person and treating the cause of the disease, not just the symptoms.

Job Responsibilities

Holistic medicine often combines elements of alternative medicine (like acupuncture) with Westernized, traditional medical treatment techniques. One of your main tasks as a holistic nurse will be to assess how patients can be treated from a spiritual, mental, and physical standpoint, and your daily tasks might include assisting doctors in preparation for treatments involving things like aromatherapy, massage, stress management, hypnosis, and more. You could work with patients at a general practice, or you could focus on a specific type of patient, like children or those suffering from cancer.

Salary and Career Options

According to reports, holistic nurses make an average of $45,000 annually. Your exact salary will depend on factors such as the type of facility where you work, location, and education level. As a holistic nurse, you can also choose to specialize in a specific type of treatment, which allows you to work in consulting in this field along with a team of doctors or other types of nurses. You can also choose to earn an advanced degree, which allows you to work in holistic medicine research or become a certified nurse midwife, which allows you to work with expecting mothers who want a non-typical birth option.

Educational Requirements

You can get started working as a holistic nurse by going through an LPN program, but many choose to become RNs, which gives you more freedom to specialize. With almost every type of holistic treatment there are certification programs you can consider, which allows you to learn more about performing the treatment or assisting doctors with patient assessment.

LPN to RN College Programs

Indiana State University—Indiana State University offers a robust online program designed for LPNs wanting to become registered nurses and earn their BSN degree. Since ISU's credits transfer to over 80 campus majors, this is an ideal program for people wanting to open opportunities for their career down the road.

The College Network—The College Network is a partnership with several universities and organizations like the National League for Nursing that focuses on online education and programs, with several courses for nurses or those interested in a nursing career. Specifically, TCN helps students prepare for their LPN and RN licensures and move on to earn graduate degrees.

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